Teeth Straightening Options – What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent© offers a more efficient method in the world of orthodontics. This device promotes healthy teeth movement in those wearing orthodontic appliances. The device uses effective technology to send strategic pulses to the mouth. That way, it speeds up cell activity in the teeth and surrounding bone tissue. AcceleDent completes your orthodontic journey in the most comfortable way possible.

What is AcceleDent?

The most notable innovation by OrthoAccel Technologies is the AcceleDent medical device. This system can enhance orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists across the nation and even overseas recommend the device. In fact, lots of tests were made on the efficacy of the device in 2010. The results were very positive. With this device, treatment time reduces to 10.5 months rather than the estimated 24 months.

AcceleDent is the most advanced accelerated orthodontic device on the market. This smart device uses calibrated vibrations to increase cellular activity around the teeth. As a result, teeth-straightening times are shorter. Depending on the case, patients can expect to cut orthodontic treatment time in half.

How does AcceleDent work?

Orthodontics works by moving teeth into a better-aligned position over time. The process of teeth moving is called bone remodeling. The constant pressure to the teeth mobilizes the bone cells around the teeth’s roots. Once cells are free to move, the teeth are more responsive to the orthodontic treatment.

AcceleDent uses SoftPulse Technology to apply calibrated vibrations. These transmit through the roots of the teeth and into the surrounding bone. These gentle micropulses encourage an increase in cellular activity. The device is a tray connected to a base that emits vibrations. It is hands-free, which means patients can use it whenever they have 20 minutes, once each day. Patients can place it in their mouth, begin treatment, and relax in front of the TV at the same time.

What are the benefits of AcceleDent?

Braces and clear aligners are a hassle. These temporary orthodontic appliances control a patient’s life for a short period. Orthodontic treatment can affect dietary choices and social gatherings. It even impacts a patient’s ability to speak. Braces and aligners are temporary, so why have them on for longer than is necessary?

The creators of AcceleDent designed the device to fit well with any lifestyle. For 20 minutes each day, the patient places the device in the mouth to encourage quicker movement. Also, AcceleDent requires fewer office visits for adjusting braces and aligners. Speeding up the orthodontic process will decrease white spots and cavities. It will also reduce gum inflammation. That way, the patient can have a healthier mouth.

Talk to your dentist about teeth-straightening options today

Combined with an app, the device gives you more control of your orthodontic treatment. The app comes with features that track your progress and make your experience better. The device has providers across the nation and in over 40 countries worldwide. AcceleDent is well worth the buy. Schedule a consultation with your dentist today. That way, you can start on your journey toward a straighter smile.

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