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The Invisalign treatment process takes less time and is more comfortable than conventional braces. Invisalign treatment uses a series of custom-made aligners that are switched out every two weeks to move your teeth into the desired position.


OrthoFX clear aligners are a series of removable, transparent plastic trays that comfortably fit over your teeth and gradually shift them into the correct position. This treatment is ideal for correcting crooked teeth and other misalignments without using metal braces and wires.


ClearCorrect is a brand of clear plastic aligners used to straighten teeth. Unlike metal braces, the aligners are flexible and transparent. At Mark Lowe DDS, each aligner is made to fit your teeth exactly and is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner.

Child Orthodontics

Getting your child started with orthodontic treatment early on can help guide their teeth into alignment before they hit their teenage years. This can even prevent the need for more extensive treatments later when permanent teeth have fully erupted.

Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces have many benefits, including low cost and convenience. Patients who choose conventional orthodontic appliances can achieve a straighter and healthier smile in a shorter amount of time when compared to patients who use clear or invisible braces.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are a kind of orthodontic appliance that is virtually invisible. At Mark Lowe DDS, we also use clear brackets that are made of either plastic or ceramic materials, and the brackets are clear or tooth-colored to blend with your teeth. These braces are most popular among adults due to their cosmetic appeal.

Lightforce Braces

LightForce Braces are fully customized for the patient’s smile and work by using gentle forces to reposition the teeth over time, resulting in faster treatment times and improved comfort for patients.

Adult Orthodontics

It is never too late to boost your confidence and self-esteem by having crooked, crowded, or spaced-apart teeth corrected! Adult orthodontics is becoming more popular since adults have more alternatives to braces that they can choose from.

Our Team

From the moment patients walk in the door for any necessary orthodontic care, our team will help create a comfortable and welcoming treatment environment. We will take the time to evaluate the patient’s needs and determine the most effective course of action. We can help patients maintain a healthy and aligned set of teeth with appointments and professional treatment. Our team will guide the patient throughout the process to help them achieve the uniform smile they desire. Along with teeth straightening, our team can also provide TMJ orthodontic treatment and sleep apnea treatment. Call us at 559-435-0966 to meet with Mark Lowe D.D.S. and learn more about possible treatment options.

Our Services

We provide an array of orthodontic services to help straighten teeth and treat other issues. The various forms of braces that we offer patients include traditional braces, Invisalign, clear braces, for both kids and adults. Contrary to popular belief, adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. In other cases, we may recommend pediatric orthodontic treatment to help prepare children for braces in the future. We also provide TMJ orthodontics and can help with other issues, such as sleep apnea. During a consultation, Mark Lowe D.D.S. will review the possible treatment options with the patient and recommend a customized plan to meet their needs.

Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need to gather information on the patient’s medical history, current condition, insurance, allergies and any other pertinent information. Before the appointment, a new patient will need to fill out a New Patient Information Form that covers this information. During the initial appointment, we will conduct an examination and determine the most effective treatment option for the patient’s teeth. If treatment was done, Mark Lowe D.D.S. will also schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the teeth straightening process is running smoothly. If you notice any issues or have concerns during the treatment process, give us a call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We can address the concern and recommend the next course of action.

Our Patients Love Us

I have worked with Dr. Lowe in the past and he has always been amazing. His staff is super nice and very helpful. Michelle his treatment coordinator was so nice and made the process very smooth and pleasant. She explained everything in detail and was very friendly. Overall a great visit:)
Tisa Ann
Dr Lowe is helping improve my smile with OrthoFx aligners. He is patiently working on some stubborn teeth even after I finished the usual course. I’ve been very happy with his work. The staff is great too! I highly recommend Dr. Lowe’s practice.
Sheri Oswald (Sherue)
It took a minute, but we finally got it done. I am 100% happy with everything about this office and my teeth look great! The staff was always professional and courteous and I appreciated their enthusiasm each time I entered the office. Dr. Lowe is the best orthodontist in the Central Valley!!!
We had an awesome experience at Dr. Lowe’s office! He’s very knowledgeable and explains things thoroughly. Rachel made sure a proper plan was made for my three daughters and was the biggest help in getting them started with Invisalign. From start to finish the experience at the office was amazing!!
Gurpreet Dhillon


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