A Pediatric Orthodontist Shares Helpful Information on Permanent Teeth

While it may seem as if children who have not grown permanent teeth do not need much pediatric orthodontist care, the health of baby teeth can affect the alignment of permanent teeth. Taking your child to a pediatric orthodontist can prevent future cosmetic conditions from forming.

About pediatric orthodontists

By having an in-depth understanding as to what a pediatric orthodontist does and how they can help ensure permanent teeth are healthy once they grow in, you can know the proper measures to take to ensure your child receives adequate dental care.

The following is everything to know about a pediatric orthodontist.

What is a pediatric orthodontist?

A pediatric orthodontist specializes in preventing and treating cosmetic dental concerns in children.

There are many different benefits to having your child visit a pediatric orthodontist. These include gaining an understanding of the progress on the eruption of their permanent teeth and whether they will grow in correctly.

Through x-rays, oral examination and other diagnostic techniques, a pediatric orthodontist can help parents learn how their children’s teeth will form. This way, you can take preventative measures before any problems develop.

How can a pediatric orthodontist help?

A pediatric orthodontist can inform parents of some beneficial information concerning the progress of permanent teeth in their children.

In the event permanent teeth are set to grow in incorrectly, the parent can make plans for orthodontic treatment to straighten misaligned teeth at an early age.

The orthodontist can adjust the jaw to give the new teeth more room to grow.

Also, a pediatric orthodontist can work with parents to ensure proper measures are taken to keep the baby teeth healthy.

What factors affect a child’s permanent teeth?

When baby teeth in children are not properly cared for, there is an increased risk of the permanent teeth erupting early or growing in with misalignments.

Baby teeth that are not cleaned on a regular basis may develop cavities, which can significantly affect the lifespan of the teeth.

Moreover, injuries can damage a child’s tooth. If a child plays a sport without a mouthguard, they risk losing their baby teeth early.

When baby teeth fall out earlier than expected, it can cause permanent teeth to erupt earlier, which can lead to them coming in improperly.

This causes crowding and other forms of misalignments that can then only be fixed through orthodontic treatment.

How to protect permanent teeth in children

It is important to preserve permanent teeth in children by first protecting and caring for the baby teeth. This allows the baby teeth to fully develop, giving permanent teeth more room to grow.

Tooth decay is easy to prevent with daily brushing. Make it a routine at your household. Not only will this preserve the baby teeth, but it will also create a positive habit for your child well into adulthood.

Do you need a pediatric orthodontist?

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