4 Reasons to Visit an Invisalign Orthodontist

An Invisalign® orthodontist helps patients achieve a straighter, more attractive smile by fixing minor to moderate complications with teeth and jaw alignment. There are many reasons to consider visiting an orthodontist, and many patients find that the benefits can help them with relationships, their profession and the way they view themselves each day.

When to consider an Invisalign orthodontist

By understanding the benefits of treatment and the exact issues that Invisalign can help patients overcome, you can make an informed decision as to whether you should schedule a consultation with an Invisalign orthodontist near you. The following is an overview of common situations in which Invisalign treatment is recommended.

Crooked teeth

Perhaps the main concern that Invisalign addresses is crooked teeth, which is when teeth do not line up properly with one another. Many who have crooked teeth often feel insecure about their smile, particularly in social situations or a work environment. Invisalign fixes crooked teeth by gradually moving the teeth into proper alignment, and an Invisalign orthodontist will oversee the entire process and ensure that everything goes smoothly for the patient.

Crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are often confused with crooked teeth, but it is actually a slightly different issue. In some instances, teeth might be crooked, but the issue is not caused by a spacing issue. In other instances, teeth are crowded, which makes them appear misaligned. An Invisalign orthodontist helps patients with crowded teeth by creating enough space between each tooth and properly aligning the teeth. This will ensure that the patient looks great and is able to keep each tooth clean and cavity-free.

Gaps between teeth

Gaps between teeth are essentially the opposite problem as crowded teeth, and the issue is most commonly caused by either a jaw that is large or teeth that are small. Some instances of tooth gaps can cause cosmetic complications for the individual or increase oral health concerns. Invisalign orthodontists can use Invisalign treatment to pull teeth closer together and into a better alignment.

Bite complications

A common misconception is that Invisalign is only meant to address teeth misalignment, but it works to improve the alignment of the jaw as well. As such, individuals who have an underbite, overbite, crossbite or another form of bite complication can likely benefit from Invisalign treatment. The process is simple and starts with an initial consultation with an Invisalign orthodontist, who can assess the severity of the bite issue and find an appropriate treatment plan to achieve better jaw and teeth alignment.

Talk to an Invisalign orthodontist today

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